“I love the signature of this blog; I find it a perfect combination between nostalgia and current times.”
Amiek Krakers, Shanghai

Coffee the Italian Way: Simply the Best!

As American author Justina Chen Headley wrote in one of her novels: “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee, even better.” Continue Reading →

Little Extras that Make the Difference!

“Phew! We got there, at last!” You left home early this morning and have been travelling all day. Now it’s the evening and you have just arrived at your Trust & Travel destination. Continue Reading →

The Essential Black Cabbage

Can you guess… When, in the middle of the day, at work in Paris, I suddenly long for Italy or feel a strong urge for anything Italian, what do I do most of the time? Well, either I go to an Italian restaurant, or I go to an Italian restaurant. Continue Reading →

Curriculum Italiae

Last night, I managed to break into a cocktail party where I met a slightly eccentric English aristocrat:

– Catharina ! Posh name ! With a C or with a K ?

– With a K. Or with a C, I don’t mind, have your pick!

– Well… I’ll take the K. And, if I may, what is your curriculum vitae, Katharina with a K ?

My curriculum vitae ?! Well…  Continue Reading →

A timely change

“I need a new look, I need a new look!” Every time I run into Madame Loiseau, one of my Paris neighbours, this is what I hear: “Don’t tell me I don’t, because I do! Il faut que je change de look!” And every time I catch myself vocalizing: “Pleeease, Madame Loiseau, you’re absolutely perfect the way you aaaare!” And by magic it brings a huge smile back to her face. Continue Reading →

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