Great Light Lunches in Florence (part 2)

Procacci Florence

Because I usually keep my promises, here are – as promised – my two extra luncheon picks for anyone visiting beautiful Florence, Italy. Like the first two I gave you last week, they will offer you a fulfilling gourmet and cultural experience. And they won’t break your bank account!Verrazzano, Via dei Tavolini, 18r. Closed on Sundays.  – One of the best old-style bistros in town, with a wood-panelled dining room, cute outdoor terrace and warm subdued lighting. Here, patrons readily share tables and engage in spontaneous conversation. You’ll love Verrazzano’s food. My suggestions: their mixed, delicious tagliere of different focaccia, or their fresh golden honey served over pecorino  (traditional ewe’s milk cheese) with orange zest and cracked pepper. For a cheaper option, ask them for a piece of their stuffed focaccia  and eat it standing at the bar!

Procacci, Via Tornabuoni, 64r. Closed on Sundays.  –The Antinori family – whose palazzo  stands just across the street, – has recently bought this exquisite eatery as a charity case to protect it from globalization and its usual corollary, standardisation. You will fall under the spell of this dying-breed venue, decked out with white tiling, wooden bars, glass cases and oblong mirrors. You will also delight in their culinary specialty: the panini tartufati, mini buns stuffed with a creamy truffle spread, and which you will serenely wash down with a fine selection of Italian wines…

So, buon appetito ! And make sure to come back next week!

Katharina's Italy

  • Georgie

    Ooh, sounds lovely. Heading to Florence next month before staying heading off to stay in one of your villas. Can’t wait!

    • trustandtravel

       Georgie, June is the nicest month to come, I am sure you will have a lovely time. And let me know if you tried any of these places for lunch!

  • Sabina

    HI, Procacci is part of my childhood! my father would take me out from boarding school on wednesdays afternoon and ride me there! what a treat! I’m sol glad to share it! must go if ever in Florence


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