Our New Exciting Adventure in Venice (1)

Even though we still have to give the project the finishing touches, I can no longer wait to share this with you. We’ll soon be adding to our rental catalogue three beautiful apartments which open out their spacious rooms inside the Ca’nova historical Palazzo, an exceptional building looking onto Venice’s Grand Canal.

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Hovering over the History of the Villa Gioli

“It happened last summer, around noon. It was a beautiful day and I was just walking out of the Villa Gioli, one of our Trust&Travel residences. I heard a noise coming from the sky, looked up and saw it… A drone!” Continue Reading →

Fine, Very Fine Cuisine Again!

Italian food, one of the great wonders of the modern world! One of my great passions too, as you probably know by now.

Today, I’d like to tell you about a one Michelin star restaurant which I am particularly fond of. It lies in Northern Italy, within the La Montecchia golf club, next to the beautiful La Montecchia estate, and its name is, can you guess?… yes, La Montecchia. Continue Reading →

Concert Night at the Castello di Potentino


“As I sit at the piano, says Mark Springer, the feeling takes hold of me and I start to play a melody which is very direct. It shifts interestingly between major and minor, and becomes a theme that keeps growing in mood and atmosphere.” Continue Reading →

Not a bad job after all!

Phew! I’m a little out of breath. I have just spent a week running around Italy! And now I am at the Venice airport waiting for my return flight to Paris and thinking: “Gee, it can get very hectic sometimes, but the fact remains that I do love my job!”

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The hot air balloon competition – Conversation with country estate owner Francesca Papafava – Part 3

Attentive readers will not have missed the fact that I have continued my conversation with Francesca Papafava; owner of the Country Estate Frassanelle. We discussed the topics of history, tradition, the future and future aims. I asked Francesca again, what particular memories she had of her ancestors.

Francesca: Yes, as a child in Frassanelle I mainly looked up to my Grandfather. Continue Reading →

One of Sardinia’s Secret Stories

Last year, I went to spend a few days at our Villa dell’Orso in Sardinia. Featured in our Trust&Travel rental catalogue, this villa is situated at the northern tip of Sardinia, on the famous Capo d’Orso headland, an unspoiled and protected stretch of coast known for its crystal clear water and smooth granite rocks in the most peculiar shapes.

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Conversation with country estate owners: Francesca Papafava, Part 2.

In the last but one Blog, that perhaps you have read, in a one-on-one conversation, Francesca Papafava describes the history of her Country Estate and imparts a few insights in to her family life.

Katharina: How many people currently work at Frassanelle? How long have they been there?

Francesca: We currently have 9 employees, the eldest of whom is our gardener who is 75!

How do you see your relationship with them? Continue Reading →

Tuscany’s Liquid Gold

At about this time of year, every year, when the days are getting shorter and colder, Tuscany is busy extracting its highly prized “liquid gold”: the extra virgin olive oil.

The Italian olive oil harvests are really something to see, and even to take part in. Continue Reading →

Conversation with country estate owners: Francesca Papafava – Part 1

I recently visited Francesca Papafava at her country estate, Frassanelle.

Francesca grew up in Milan and decided 10 years ago to manage the family property and this was what we talked about. Continue Reading →


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