Friends and Food: Always in Season in Italy

When I think of the four seasons in Italy, they always remind me of… food. Well, first of all, don’t we say “to season a dish”?

But the fact is that I can also connect each of the four seasons, in my memory, with countless lunches, dinners and cooking classes that I have had the opportunity to share with friends in Italy over the years.

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Tuscany’s Liquid Gold

At about this time of year, every year, when the days are getting shorter and colder, Tuscany is busy extracting its highly prized “liquid gold”: the extra virgin olive oil.

The Italian olive oil harvests are really something to see, and even to take part in. Continue Reading →

Love and War in Tuscany (part 1)

I was only 19. And already in love with Italy.
Images and Shadows, an autobiography by Anglo-Irish author Iris Origo, kept me company during the long hours I spent on the Tuscan beaches. While the sun baked me gently, I devoured this captivating book. Continue Reading →


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