A Pop-Up Restaurant from Tuscany

Contrary to my general practice, our “story” today will not exclusively focus on Italy. And it will have to do with two castles…

In 2011, one of the owners of La Foce, Donato Origo, made me discover the Castello di Potentino, an imposing citadel situated on the slopes of Mount Amiata, the highest mountain in Tuscany – a mountain renowned, as you may remember, for its hot springs, chestnut woods and untamed environment. Continue Reading →

The Essential Black Cabbage

Can you guess… When, in the middle of the day, at work in Paris, I suddenly long for Italy or feel a strong urge for anything Italian, what do I do most of the time? Well, either I go to an Italian restaurant, or I go to an Italian restaurant. Continue Reading →

Great Light Lunches in Florence (part 2)

Because I usually keep my promises, here are – as promised – my two extra luncheon picks for anyone visiting beautiful Florence, Italy. Like the first two I gave you last week, they will offer you a fulfilling gourmet and cultural experience. And they won’t break your bank account! Continue Reading →

Great Light Lunches in Florence (part 1)

As is often the case, it’s only 10 am and I already have a hungry eye trained on the upcoming lunch – even though I had a hearty breakfast just two hours ago! There’s something wrong with me, I know. But rest assured: my mind will remain focused on today’s topic. And today’s topic is: “How to have an exquisite yet affordable lunch under Florence’s midday sun”. Continue Reading →


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