UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Venetia – PART 1

True, I may have a slight tendency to use superlatives when I write, talk or dream about Italy. Superlatives which, however, needless to say, are always well-founded and fully justified!

Here is another verifiable superlative which I’d like to expand upon today in this article: Italy is home to the greatest number of “World Heritage Sites” to date, with 47 sites inscribed on a list totalling 962 entries. Continue Reading →

The Cream of Italian Ceramics

“I’m really fond of these plates, Katharina. Where did you get them?

– A little less than a thousand kilometers from here.

– Let me guess… In Italy, right?”

Yes, in Italy. In a little town south of Padua, to be exact. Continue Reading →

A Little History of the Veneto Villas

Villa… A word that calls to mind images and lifestyles which very few people would turn their back on.

Here is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines “villa”: A country mansion or residence, together with a farm, farm-buildings or other houses attached, built or occupied by a person of some position and wealth; in later and more general use, a residence in the country, or in the neighbourhood of a town, usually of some size and architectural elegance and standing in its own grounds.

Continue Reading →

Palazzo Bo in Padua – designed by Giò Ponti

This week’s topic is once again related to a “rare” item I purchased for a song many years ago. Not at a flea market this time, but at a charity sale. A set of six modernist dining room chairs which I bought for the equivalent of 15 euros – the whole set! I was absolutely delighted. Continue Reading →

The Falcons of Frassanelle

“How about letting our little friend here perch on your hand?

– Um… well… Is he in a good mood?”

The “little friend” whom Stefania was introducing me to was a healthy falcon with a sharp beak, long claws and big fierce eyes. His name was Naggy or Narghile, something like that. Continue Reading →

A Restaurant on a Green

My obsession with good food and restaurants should be somewhat familiar to you by now, I guess. Well, we all have our little failings and addictions, don’t we?

This week, I’d like to tell you about the Parco delle Colline, a sweet little restaurant located in the heart of the Frassanelle historical park, and more precisely in the Golf Club of the Frassanelle estate – an estate which we proudly feature, as you may remember, in our rental catalogue. Continue Reading →

The Café without doors – Pedrocchi in Padua

This must have happened to you too… One day, your eye is for the first time caught by a very peculiar house, shop or façade, and you think to yourself: “Gee, I’ve walked past this thing a hundred times and never noticed it before!?” Continue Reading →

Grottesque with Two T’s

When I go to Frassanelle – one of the estates featured in our Trust & Travel catalogue, – I sometimes turn into a cavewoman. Or a “grottowoman”, to be more precise. A metamorphic experience that has made me realize that the Stone Age would have suited me beautifully… Continue Reading →


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