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We open the doors to Italy’s most beautiful landed estates.

Katharina Allès Trauttmansdorff

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  • Villas in Italy with Pool
    Villas in Italy with Pool

    A beautifully restored home with a landscaped pool, set in a stunning countryside. Doesn't this more or less sum up what we have in mind when we seek to rent a villa in Italy?

  • Italy Seaside Villas
    Italy Seaside Villas

    Beachfront villas with direct access to the sea, or secluded farmhouses with pool only a short drive from the coast.

  • Luxury apartments in Venice
    Luxury apartments in Venice

    Come and stay at the Palazzo Ca'nova, located on the Grand Canal in Venice, only a few minutes from San Marco. 3 apartments sleeping 4, 5 and 7, with terrace.

  • Excellence Villas
    Excellence Villas

    Visit our sister website featuring villas in Italy for the world’s most demanding clients.

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