Weddings on the Tuscany Coast in Maremma

Below you will find our range of wedding villas and castles in the Maremma, the southern Tuscan coast in Italy.

Maremma Tuscany Coast

Trust&Travel has got a name of its seafront rentals within private estates in the Maremma, with direct access to the beach. Browse through the estates listed below and discover our charming agriturismo cottages, holiday apartments, luxury villas and as well as a historical castle that used to be an elegant shooting lodge.

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A large family castle on the Tuscan Coast

From the distance, Marsiliana might look like a castle, but as you reach the top of the hill and drive through the gate the feeling is more that of an informal haml...

Key activities:

visiting the wine estate, beach life, bicling, hiking, tennis (village)

As from 3900.00 €

13 7 4 Pool Internet Access Roma Fiumicino: 120 km
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