How to Book

We have pleasure in advising you on the choice of the right house. We have been involved in the restoration and decoration of the houses, and we have an exclusivity contract for most houses on our website. Our collaboration with the various estate owners is based on many years of mutual trust, and we know the advantages and disadvantages of every house.

  • Once the house and the dates have been decided and you want to go ahead and book, we will send you the following by both e-mail and regular mail:

    • 1A booking confirmation stating the house/apartment, the booking period, the rent and the downpayment details.
    • 2Detailed information on the house (the houses’ fixtures and fittings, what the rent includes, what extra services there are, whether pets are allowed, etc.).
    • 3A booking form which we ask you to sign and send back, ideally by fax to +43 1 522 4885. On this page there is an abridged version of the GTCB (General Terms and Conditions of Business). The complete GTCB are here.
    • 4Information on the payment (bank details, downpayment, balance, security deposit).
  • As soon as we have received the downpayment we will send you the following by both e-mail and regular mail:

    • 1An invoice quoting the amount of the downpayment received and the balance still outstanding.
    • 2A route description with the telephone number and address of your destination along with the telephone number of a contact person on the spot.
    • 3A page with practical information for your arrival.