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Overview of the Scicli – Sicilia

Even though Casuzza is not part of a historical estate, we have chosen to include it in our portfolio, simply because we like it so much and it is located in a historically dense region.
Located in the south east of the Island, the so-called baroque Sicily, Casuzza makes a particularly attractive holiday location, combining the seaside with fascinating sightseeing.
There are an endless number of baroque towns, all grandeur and grace. These towns were once an architectural chaos of medieval, middle eastern and Punic style. They were shaken into a formal beauty by a devastating earthquake in 1693. New stones were cut, streets redesigned, avenues lengthened and straightened, staircases and grand churches all conceived with baroque grace.
Nothing can prepare you to your first view of the enchanted, languorous, little town of Scicli, located just 15 minutes away from Casuzza. Take a walk in its central pedestrian street, via Mormino Penna, paved with pale, shiny stones that have the same colour as the palazzos left and right.
The city and its surrounding territories have become famous in recent years thanks to the fictional TV drama Montalbano, which sets the novels of the Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri in these enchanting places. The fictional Vigatà was filmed in Scicli.
The beach Playa Grande, located at 6 km fro Casuzza is part of a protected nature reserve and consists of fine golden sand, washed by the cobalt blue sea. During summer season a beach club lets sunbeds and parasols for the day.
The landscape surrounding Casuzza is characterized by honey-coloured dry-stone walls delimitating the roads and dividing up the fields, carob trees, fruit and vegetables plantations. The hills are loosely dotted with other farmhouses, most of them restored.
Excellent local produce – fruit, vegetable and fish – can be bought in the nearby villages Donnafugata and Marina di Ragusa.


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