ZTL: No Driving In The Center Of Historical Towns In Italy

Last week I got a telephone call from my friend Jessica in New York, who had holidayed in one of our Trust & Travel villas in the spring of 2014:

“You won’t believe this, Katharina: I have just received a traffic violation ticket from my Italian car rental company. It says: “Unauthorized access to a ZTL area”. That was last year in Siena, a year ago! How can this be possible?
– I’m afraid it is, Jessica. A year’s delay is not unusual.
– And I’ve looked up “ZTL” on the web and guess what I’ve found: Zone Teatrali Libere, Free Theatre Zones! What is this? Did I inadvertently drive through a theatrical performance?”

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The Right Move at the Right Time

I am so excited about our new Trust&Travel Paris offices that I thought I’d tell you a little bit about them in this week’s article. Continue Reading →

Italian state museums: a wind of change

I used to get a little confused with the thousands of museums and archaeological sites which Italy can boast, particularly with their policies concerning entrance fees, opening hours and memberships. Now, thanks to recent changes in the country’s political landscape, it has become a lot easier to find one’s way through Italy’s cultural cornucopia. Continue Reading →

The Highly Picturesque Palio of Siena

The sanguine enthusiast who was sitting next to me in the stands clapped his hands in a burst of joy and glanced at me briefly:

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle, he exclaimed. Don’t you agree?

– Well… yes, maybe, I modestly replied.

– Winston Churchill said that, not me. Is it the first time you’re attending this horse race, young lady?” Continue Reading →

The Art of Cooking Pasta

“No man is lonely eating spaghetti: it requires so much attention!”

I could easily appropriate these words by Christopher Morley, an American writer and journalist (1890-1957). Pasta do require attention. Well, some.

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Emergency in Tuscany

Sunday morning. I’m having a lie-in and am sleeping like a log. Sheer bliss.

My mobile phone, on my bedside table, rings. I wake up with a start and answer the call.

“ Hello? Continue Reading →

My Idea of a Lovely Hotel – The Hotel Palazzo Guadagni in Florence

A room with a view… This is what I would like to share with you this week: a room with a view which I had fantasized about for years before discovering it, at long last. Continue Reading →

The Amazing Veneto Maze

“So, where do we go now?” my friend asked with a wry smile as our car stopped for the third time at the same crossroads.

We had been driving around the country roads of the Veneto for more than an hour – even asked for directions several times, – unable to find our way to our destination. Continue Reading →

Please, Maremma, Don’t Ever Change!

Each time he comes over to fix something, our plumber always says: “Heaven on earth is a pipe dream!” I’m not sure why he keeps repeating that – sometimes ten times in a row when he comes up against a stubborn leak or seal, – but I’m afraid he’s right.

A foretaste to heaven on earth does exist though. Continue Reading →


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