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An overview of the Cetona estate
An overview of the Cetona estate

Overview of the Cetona

Nestled at the edge of a quintessential Tuscan town, the grounds of this bewitching 14th century tower are home to two distinct villas, each one hidden within its own private verdant oasis of fruit, olive and cypress trees which descend in terraced sections of lawns. The estate’s hilltop location also grants exceptional vistas of Monte Cetona, Città della Pieve and the surrounding countryside.

Situated close to the regional border with Umbria and Lazio, Cetona lies roughly equidistant between Rome and Florence. Human presence in the area dates as far back to the neo-Paleolithic period, with remains from Prehistoric, the Bronze Age and the Etruscan era on display in the Belvedere Park, the Museo Civico per la Preistoria del Monte Cetona and the nearby Parco Archeologico Naturalistico del Monte Cetona.

Cetona is an excellent jumping off point for exploring Southern Tuscany and further afield. The Val d’Orcia itself is one of the natural wonders of Tuscany, home to some of Italy’s finest gastronomic producers, including the world-famous wines such as Montepulciano, Montalcino. Its sublime nature provides for fabulous hiking and biking and you can also take in some golf at Lamborghini-Panicarola or various watersports on nearby Lake Trasimeno. Combine these culinary and active pursuits with cultural ones by visiting stunning historic towns like Città della Pieve, Chiusi, Montepulciano or Montalcino — all within a half hour drive of Cetona.

At an hour or two away, Siena, Florence or Perugia make for great day trips.


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