A Moment of Respite for Anyone’s Soul – Sant’Antimo



“I like the silence of a church, before the service begins, better than any preaching.”

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Love and War in Tuscany (part 3)

Here we are for the third and final episode of the Origo family epic. Historically, a dark and trying one for both the family and the country.

From June 1943 to June 1944, Italy kept vacillating over declaring its neutrality in the world conflict, or even siding with the Allies. This created a political vacuum in which civil war erupted. Continue Reading →

Love and War in Tuscany (part 2)

In my last post, I undertook to tell you the story – well, to outline the story, I should say – of the Origo family. A family who has played a key part in my life, as I said.

So here is, as promised, the continuation of this personal account. Next week, we shall have the concluding episode. Continue Reading →


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