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Feb 3, 2020

On October 5 of the year 1554, more than 250 orphans were bluntly expelled from the Republic of Siena. The city had been under siege for 9 months and its government decreed that th ...

Mar 26, 2018
Italian Leather Craftsmanship

My love for the bel paese has always been closely related to my passion for fine leather bags. And when I say “fine leather bags”, I don’t necessarily mean Gucci or Prada – ...

Sep 12, 2017
They Are Simply Everywhere!

Oh, look Mummy, there’s a mosquito sagra around here! Can we go? Pleeeaaase! This was two years ago, in August. My family and I were leisurely driving through the Italian provinc ...

Jan 3, 2016
The Keys to Enjoying Siena

Last week, I had a glass of wine with friends who had spent their August holidays in Tuscany. Unsurprisingly, a great part of our conversation centered on their Italian respite: ...

May 26, 2015
Behind the Scenes of Siena’s Palio

  – Mummy, I want to “vote” for the Leocorno, my daughter told me with big round eyes. – The Unicorn? You want to support the Unicorn team? – Yes! And George says he ...

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