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Sep 25, 2023

Discover Sicily with our Inside Italy App

The Inside Italy app by Trust & Travel.
Select one of the categories on the app.
Find advice on our favourite beaches in Sicily.
The lively fish market in Catania.
Restaurant tip in Modica.
What to do in Taormina? Kayaking, of course!
The view from the living room of Casa Sampieri.
The piazza in front of the house is perfect for an aperitivo.

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to the app  Inside Italy by Trust&Travel – Sicily!

Browse Inside Italy by Trust&Travel for handpicked sightseeing and foodie tips for every age group. Just select one of our categories, e.g. Tours & Classes, Shopping or Special Gems or peruse the map to find activities with kids or our new favourite Sicilian beachside restaurants.

Or forget about sightseeing and just enjoy watching the Mediterranean right from the sofa of Casa Sampieri, a 3 bedroom house on the quay of a fishing village in southern Sicily. Water temperature in Sicily invites for a dip until early November.

PS: our app works best when you are in your holiday location, as it uses geolocation.


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