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Jul 6, 2019


With Lake Trasimeno in the background: Lamberto Losani’s “Donna” model.
I am enamoured of the downy high-quality Losani cashmere.
Retail therapy centered on time-honoured Italian craftsmanship…

In my unremitting quest, along the roads of Italy, for new properties to add to our Trust & Travel catalogue, I often give in to one of my guilty pleasures: retail therapy. But retail therapy, mind you, centered on genuine time-honoured artisan creations!

The other day, for instance, I was on the highway near Perugia when I spotted a “Lamberto Losani” sign. Wow! Years ago, I had bought a superb Losani cashmere jumper at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and now I had the chance to see for myself the actual factory store of one of the grand names of Italian cashmere. So I made a detour and, as a result, arrived late for my lunch appointment on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. But when I passed my new piece of Losani knitwear around the table, my lunch partners stood in awe, on their seats, and readily forgave me for being tardy…


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