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May 11, 2012

Great Light Lunches in Florence (part 1)

As is often the case, it’s only 10 am and I already have a hungry eye trained on the upcoming lunch – even though I had a hearty breakfast just two hours ago! There’s something wrong with me, I know. But rest assured: my mind will remain focused on today’s topic. And today’s topic is: “How to have an exquisite yet affordable lunch under Florence’s midday sun”. Well, the answer to that is as simple as ABC: go to one of the following eateries! They’re typically Italian and all located in the heart of the Florentine capital. They will fill you with delight without emptying your pockets. I love them!

Fratellini, Via dei Cimatori, 38r. – Divine, inexpensive paninis since 1875. Prepared before your eyes by the friendly brothers Armando and Michele. You’ll have your snack right in front of the shop – which actually isn’t much more than a hole in a wall, – and will rest your mini glass of wine on wooden shelves marked with convenient numbers. You’ll also be spoilt for choice: porchetta  (suckling pig), wild boar and pecorino, tuna and capers, and my big favourite : goat cheese and sundried tomatoes!

Da Nerbone, Mercato Centrale. Open daily for lunch except on Sundays. – Since 1874, the cucina povera  (peasant-style cooking) at its inexpensive best. Primi, bollito, lampredotto  (a Florentine specialty)… Your taste buds will thank you! At lunchtime, the shop owners, merchants, tourists and townfolks (mainly male) literally invade this lively eatery. With a little luck – that is if you manage to elbow your way through, – you’ll be able to sit at one of the small nearby tables.

Next week, I’ll tell you about the two other places

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