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Jul 15, 2014

Concert Night at the Castello di Potentino


“As I sit at the piano, says Mark Springer, the feeling takes hold of me and I start to play a melody which is very direct. It shifts interestingly between major and minor, and becomes a theme that keeps growing in mood and atmosphere.”

Mark is talking here about his Potentino Concerto, a piece for piano and strings which will be soon premiered and performed on August 2nd, at 8 pm, in the very premises where it was actually composed: the beautiful Castello di Potentino. Please write to us if you wish to find out more about time and place of the concert.

According to Charlotte and Alexander, the two friendly owners of the Castello – as well as successful makers of award-winning wines, –  Mark has captured the aerial, magical spirit of Potentino, distilling its quintessence and rich nature into musical form. And they add: “The music makes us think of the wine we produce here, as well as the surrounding valley. It is like a series of evocative vinous and liquid green breezy stone sounds.”

An esteemed pianist, composer and painter, Mark Springer will be performing his Concerto and a few other pieces with the Gildas Quartet, one of the most exciting young ensembles to emerge in recent years.

While Mark has worked fruitfully both as a soloist and collaboratively on art pieces like the opera installation made with Damien Hirst for the Edinburgh Festival, the Gildas Quartet has performed widely across both the UK and Europe including at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival and the Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival, receiving, among other things, a glowing four-star review by the New York Times.

An ancient and imposing citadel built more than five hundred years ago on the slopes of Mount Amiata – the highest mountain in Tuscany, – the Castello di Potentino is not only the perfect backdrop for Mark’s music, but also a centre of culture which is rapidly developing. Among the upcoming events: a Film into Literature Festival scheduled to be held in the autumn of 2015.

Entrance to Mark’s concert is free! Donations are welcome, though. Bookings for accommodation in the area or at the Castello itself can be organized through us at Trust & Travel.

I hope to see you there!

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