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Jul 23, 2018

A New Generation Festival in Florence

The magnificent gardens of the Palazzo Corsini al Prato, in Florence.
The New Generation Festival: a fireworks display of young talent.
The first edition of the Festival, in 2017, attracted a large audience.
Strolling amidst the lemon trees of the Corsini al Prato Gardens.
The Marsiliana castle belongs to the Corsini family, in the Maremma…
And how about a nice summer lunch on the terrace of our Barberino villa?…

In Italy, the patronymic Corsini has long been a household name, especially in Tuscany and in Florence, where the Corsini princely family has been playing a leading role since the 14th century.

Constructed between 1650 and 1700, the monumental Palazzo Corsini sul Lungarno opens onto the legendary Arno, the river which peacefully meanders through the Renaissance city.

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a wedding at this unique baroque palace. I still have the best memories of watching the sunset from its large riverfront terrace. As a side note, the Palazzo is generally not open to the public, but private visits can at times be organized via prior reservation.

The Corsini family also owns a second palace in Florence, the Palazzo Corsini al Prato, which is home to the beautiful Corsini al Prato Gardens. Inspired by the first Corsini carnival ever held in Florence in 1680, the New Generation Festival 2018 will turn these premises, from August 29 through September 1st, into a magnificent opera, theatre and music stage for young rising stars. It will be the second edition of an event that was inaugurated last year, and it promises once again to be a spectacular fireworks display of artistic talent.

Every spring, the gardens of the Corsini al Prato also open their gates to a fiera dell’artigianato, a unique artisan market which I told you about in a previous blog post.

You will not be in Tuscany at the right time for any one of the above-mentioned events?… but would still like to rub shoulders with Florence’s high society?… Well, here is some good news: two of our most treasured Trust & Travel estates happen to be owned by the Corsini family: the Barberino and the Marsiliana!

So, one way or the other, you can enjoy a ringside seat…


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