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Sep 15, 2014

The Great Paolo Veronese Event

The Palladio Museum in Vicenza and the catalogue of works on lease from abroad.
Created by Paolo Veronese: the ceiling of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. ©Eliseo M.
Lent by a Los Angeles museum, this portrait is now exhibited in Verona.
Visitors contemplating this beautiful portrait of a lady, in Verona. ©Dismappa Verona
This cathedral in Montagnana seems to be the scene of a transfiguration. ©Pro Loco Montagnana
A beautiful view of Basso del Grappa, a charming town in the Veneto, where you can see engravings by Veronese. ©Salve Barbera
Villa Maser, one of Palladio's most charming villas, is decorated with superb frescoes by Veronese.
The sumptuous Palazzo Ducale on Saint-Mark’s Square in Venice. ©Isabel Moguer
An itinerary for those eager to explore the cultural wealth of the Veneto. ©scopri veronese

Few Italian artists have captured the colours of the Veneto Renaissance, its luminous spaces and its splendid architecture as effectively as Paolo Veronese (1528-1588). A series of five exhibitions are currently bringing back to the Veneto masterpieces from Europe and North America which left the region centuries ago.

Dedicated to the artist and his work, the first exhibition is held at the monumental Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, Paolo Veronese’s birthplace. It features about 100 works, comprising both paintings and drawings coming from international museums in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Washington, Los Angeles and Madrid, among others. The dates: from 5 July to 5 October 2014.

The Palladio Museum in Vicenza is home to the second exhibition, which emphasizes the professional relationship between Veronese and the famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio, who used the words “most excellent painter” to describe the artist who decorated the rooms in his Palazzo Porto. The creative collaboration of the two men reached a climax in the painted architecture of the Villa Barbaro in Maser. The dates: from 5 July to 5 October 2014.

Taking place in the temporary spaces of Padua’s Musei Civici agli Eremitani, the exhibition “Veronese and Padua” highlights the great contribution which Veronese and his artistic followers made to the picturesque city of Padua. The dates: from 7 September 2014 to 11 January 2015.

In the Venetian town of Castelfranco – home to Giorgione, another famous Italian painter – the Museum Casa Giorgione is proud to present “Villa Soranzo: a Story Fallen into Oblivion”, an exhibition dedicated to the splendid decorative contribution Veronese made to the Villa Soranzo in Treville. The dates: from 12 September 2014 to 11 January 2015.

Last but not least, Paolo Veronese mastered the art of engraving, etching and woodcutting in a remarkable way, as you will be able to see at the exhibition held at the Palazzo Sturm of Bassano del Grappa, a town located in the Vicenza province. The dates: from 14 September 2014 to 19 January 2015.

In addition to these five exceptional exhibitions, a special “itinerary” is being proposed to visitors eager to explore the art treasures of the Veneto. Entitled “Discover the Veneto of Veronese”, it will take you to more than 30 different sites – villas, churches and palaces. A wonderful way to embrace the cultural wealth of this great region! Find out more here:

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