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May 2, 2012

Rustic elegance at its best

If I have always had a passion – and, I think, some flair – for design and interior

decoration, I most certainly owe it to my dear Mom, who was an accomplished expert in these fields. My eyes light up as soon as I have to deal with architecture, furniture, fabrics, glassware, lamps and carpets. When any of the Italian estates in the Trust & Travel  catalogue needs some refreshing or refurbishing, I often like to team up with the local craftsmen to do the job. In Tuscany, the highly skilled artisans are legion.

For instance, I came to work with the makers of the superb world-renowned Busatti furnishing fabrics while renovating the Villa Montecucco  and Castello di Galbino, two of the houses which we rent out in Italy. These beautiful high-quality fabrics have been fashioned for the last 170 years by the Busatti family. The firm’s workshop is in the hilltop village of Anghiari, and it can be visited. You’ll see that they still use very old looms, which, as the Busatti will tell you – and I suspect they’re right, – produce much better weaves than any modern loom could.

When you feel them in your hands, you’ll know right away that the Busatti fabrics are top notch. Not to mention the designs, patterns and colours! I personally fancy the stripes and the vivid tones – the greens, purples and yellows. This is what I call “rustic elegance” at its best, typical of my beloved Tuscany.

I’ll see you next week. Take care in the meantime!