Take my word for it: most Italian food lovers own dozens of cookbooks, restaurant guides, treatises on the history of Italian cuisine, and what have you. And I’m no exception to the rule.

The problem with books, though – well, at least in my case – is that when I have the leisure and peace of mind to try out a new recipe, nine times out of ten I’m away from home and from my treasured “library”.

Under such circumstances, however, my favourite online food bloggers always come to my rescue over the providential wi-fi. Tuscan-born Giulia Scarpaleggia, for instance. When I’m on the road, Giulia’s food blog often saves my life. From her home in Colle Val d’Elsa near Siena, she regularly posts mouth-watering seasonal recipes in both Italian and English. I already told you in a previous article about her exquisite From the Markets of Tuscany cookbook.

British food writer Rachel Roddy started blogging from her home in Rome’s Testaccio neighbourhood in 2008. Today, she writes a weekly column for The Guardian, which you can find online or in print in the Saturday edition of the paper. I am fond of Rachel’s writing not just for the magic recipes she unveils but also for her wonderful storytelling gift.

I came across Alice Adams’ Rustica Retro blog when searching for restaurant tips in the Tuscia region. A food stylist running a busy cooking studio in Rome, Alice doesn’t get to write a lot, but when she does, her take on the Italian way of life – like the one that shows through her classic Carbonara recipe – reminds me why I passionately fell in love, one day, with the bel paese.


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